The key to building stronger incident response teams is to train responders across all agencies. TIM Trainers play an important role in this effort. Passion for TIM and a strong belief in the benefit of multi‐agency coordination is what sets good trainers apart. Outstanding Trainers have an unyielding dedication and passion for the safety of our Highway Heroes. These individuals truly believe in the benefits of coordinated incident management, and they devote large amounts of time and energy—often on a volunteer basis—to TIM initiatives. These individuals are crossing boundaries and encouraging interaction and strong working relationships among stakeholders teaching them to exercise the “4‐Cs” of TIM (communication, cooperation, coordination, and consensus).

The two people we are recognizing today have been directly responsible for training over 150 people over the last two years in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area.

Lt. Darren Budd told us that, “I had the opportunity to attend training in which Tony was the co-trainer. Tony was extremely professional and well versed on traffic incident management. I’ve seen a difference in the way incidents on the interstate are handled and believe his training is increasing the safety of first responders and citizens alike. I was also impressed that he could keep a room full of police officers attention…”

When asked about Gary Forman, Capt. Brenda Konfrst told us, “Traffic incident management is an important part of what NSP and the Department of Roads do. Gary has been instrumental in helping to build a safer program for the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. And, I, for one, will rest a little easier knowing that the odds of survival by emergency responders at traffic incidents are improving every day because of the training that Gary has provided.”

Tony Carr and Gary Forman, have committed to making incident responders aware of the dangers they face working on our roadways, all with the goal of making sure everyone goes home at the end of the day. Their lessons have spread throughout the community both in Iowa and Nebraska and their impact has improved our area Highway Heroes’ safety and response performance.

They are being recognized as our First Outstanding Trainers for their contributions to advance safe, quick clearance practices.