Traffic Incident Management Partners

The Omaha/Council Bluffs area Traffic Incident Management (TIM) process involves a number of public and private sector partners, including:

Law Enforcement

Fire and Rescue

Emergency Medical Services (EMS/EMT)

Public Safety Communications
Emergency Management

Towing and Recovery
Hazardous Materials Contractors
Traffic Information Media

A TIM working group for the Omaha/Council Bluffs area meets regularly to improve the coordination of incident management efforts and discuss related topics, share the lessons learned from reviewing past incidents, and develop improved processes. This group also works collaboratively to maintain and update a TIM Plan which includes alternate routes, messaging, contacts, and roles and responsibilities of area responders.

The group has executed a Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) to create a formalized working relationship among TIM stakeholders.

Safety Patrols

Thousands of motorists travel across our interstates each day, and while break downs are inevitable, disabled vehicles create serious hazards for others traveling on the roadway. Iowa and Nebraska provide complementary safety patrols on the interstates in and around the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro area.

The main objective of safety patrols is to clear incidents quickly which keeps secondary incidents to a minimum and stranded motorists safe while keep the traveling motorist aware of potential hazards along the roadway.

Iowa Highway Helper/Safety Service Patrol provides:

  • Tire changes
  • Jump starts
  • Lock outs
  • Minor mechanical repair
  • Clearing of debris from roadways
  • Lane closures
  • Traffic control advanced warning or flagging
  • Clearing of blocked lanes by pushing or pulling vehicles onto the shoulder
  • Emergency gas or diesel
  • A ride for stranded motorists to the closest public place
  • Water to stranded motorists
  • Clean up of crash scenes
  • Certified AED and CPR services
  • Use of cellular phone to call for help or tow for stranded motorists
  • Iowa maps for lost motorist or travel information
  • Tagging for abandoned vehicles
The safety service patrol vehicles are stocked with tools such as an air compressor, nuts and bolts, tape, tie wire, zip ties, bungee cords, spill kit, first aid kit, eye wash, shovels, bolt cutters, AED, and most importantly an operator with a passion to help.

Nebraska/Metro Area Motorist Assist (MAMA)

Volunteers with the Metro Area Motorist Assist (MAMA) Program patrol the busy stretch of I-80 to help stranded travelers get back on the road. This volunteer-run program has been in operation for more than 18 years. MAMA volunteers offer:

  • Tire changes
  • Jump starts
  • Other assistance free of charge
  • Transportation to purchase a small amount of fuel to get travelers going again

The service patrol allows patrol officers to focus on enforcement and emergency response.

Drivers in need of non-emergency help may request assistance by dialing *55 from any mobile device or by calling 800-525-5555.

National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training

To save the lives of responders and motorists alike, the Federal Highway Administration has developed and is now providing a National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training for safer, faster, stronger, more integrated incident response. The program was developed and is funded through the second Strategic Highway Research Program, or SHRP2. Learn more